This Corps was formed 30 Oct 1909 as The Stratford Collegiate Institute Cadet Corps with 4 coys. affil.: 2nd (R) Bn the Perth Regt Nov 9, 1942. affil.: Perth & Waterloo Regt (HLI of C) Jan 1, 1955. In 1958, the corps was renamed the Stratford College Central Secondary School Cadet Corps. Effective 1 Apr 1965 the Corps reaffiliated with 4 Bn, RCR (London and Oxford Fusiliers). Effective 1 Jul 1974 (letter 1085-11 (DCOS Pers) the Corps was placed on probation until 31 Jan 1975 due to an insufficient number of cadets. Probation was extended until 1 Jan 76. Effective 1 Feb 1975 change of designation to Perth County Army Cadet Corps and the Corps became an open Corps. On 1 Mar 1976 (letter 1085-11-4 (DCOS Ops)) probation was removed. Effective 26 Apr 1979 change of sponsor from Perth County Board of Education to The Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans.

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